So what is a tuckerbox, anyway?

In Australia, “tucker” is a slang word for food, and the tuckerbox is a lunch box.

Who is The Dog on the Tuckerbox?

There is an iconic monument in Gundagai, Australia, called The Dog on the Tuckerbox. Its origins lie in the Australian bush and the early pioneers, who forged west and south from the colony of Sydney in search of the source of the Murrumbidgee River.

The legend of the Dog on the Tuckerbox dates from the 1850s and was the inspiration for the poem Bullocky Bill, written in the 1880s. It captured the imagination of Australians in the bush and through the colony with its story of a faithful dog whose master is a bullocky (driver of a bullock team). The dog guards his master’s tuckerbox when he has to leave to seek help after being bogged at a river crossing. The master never returns, but the dog continues loyally to guard the tuckerbox until his death.


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